Vineyard & Tours

Coffin Ridge has 25 acres under cultivation primarily consisting of cold hardy varieties. One of the most asked questions is: "Can you grow grapes way up there" The simple answer is. YES, of course. We enjoy long hot summers, but we suffer through long cold winters as well. We select varieties that are suited to our unique climate. We choose varieties that are Disease Resistant and cold hardy and thus require less intervention to keep them healthy. We believe that by selecting these unique varieties our vineyards will thrive and so far that is evidenced in our wines. :

Vineyard Map
Estate Vineyard: Established 2001
Size: 25 acres
Soil: Heavy Clay
L'Acadie Blanc
Geisenheim 318
Frontenac Gris
La Crescent
Prairie Star

Baco Noir
Marechal Foch
Leon Millot
Pinot Noir



At Coffin Ridge we are always proud as punch to show off our vineyard and 'cellars'.

Please contact or 519-371-9565 with inquiries or to book your tour.

We have three different options tailored to an array of tastes:

Snowshoe Vineyard Tour

Adventurous participants are led on a brisk snowshoe hike around the perimeter of our scenic 25 acre vineyard while learning all about Coffin Ridge and our unique approach to cold climate growing.

The tour is capped off in our tasting room where following a wine & cider sampling we serve up a piping hot bowl of homemade soup, a selection of artisan cheeses and a revitalizing glass of wine or cider by the fireplace.

This tour package costs $30 and runs every Saturday & Sunday @ 11 snow permitting. If the snow does not permit we'll take a quick look at the vines w/o snowshoes and then tour the production facility.

Mostly a Social Affair 

Celebrate your special occasion with a guided tour of our production area and vineyard and enjoy a sampling in our beautiful tasting bar.  Follow it up with a glass of wine or cider of your choice and a generous selection of artisan cheeses, charcuterie, and other treats.

Perfect for bachelorette parties, birthdays and anniversaries, this package costs $25. For groups of ten or more.

Straight up Winery Tour

For those wanting to learn about the history and approach of Coffin Ridge we also offer a more streamlined tour of the production area & tank room. These tours are a great entry point for your Coffin Ridge experience and conclude with a sampling of wine & cider. The price is $10.  Glasses and Vintner's plate not included.