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The Wine Club of Coffin Ridge is a true treat for the neophyte wine enthusiast and serious connoisseur alike. “The Club” offers seasonal shipments of our award-winning wines and small batch ciders. Tasting notes, cellaring recommendations, and pairing suggestions accompany each specially selected bottle. What could be better than starting each season with a selection of our very finest delivered straight to your cellar?

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Membership perquisites:

Membership particulars:

Yearlong membership is $400+tax. Membership for a single season is $125+tax. These prices include everything, products, shipping, and all the goodies. If you’re in the neighbourhood or enjoy the scenic drive to our location, opt to pick up at the winery instead, and pay $355+tax for the year or $100+tax for one season.

Membership is valid for 12 months from date of purchase with full year term or 3 months from date of purchase for a single season. Single season members receive the shipment which falls within the duration of their membership.

Shipments are delivered/made available for pickup on or about these dates:

Spring: March 20th
Summer: June 21st
Fall: September 23rd
Winter: December 21st

Your first shipment will include a welcome letter along with a membership card. Be sure to bring along your card when visiting the winery as it entitles you to the merchandise discount as well as the Vintner's Plate.

Live a little - join The Club.