Picnics in the Vineyard

We are now offering small groups the chance to enjoy a picnic amongst our vines.  Enjoy our famous Vintner's Plate, consisting of locally sourced delicacies, while sitting at a picnic table in our vineyard.  When you arrive please come to the tasting bar where you will be able to order beverages (not included in the price of the baskets) and pick up your picnic basket.  This experience is available to groups of two or four by reservation only and must be booked in advance.  Picnics for 2 people are $40, picnics for 4 people are $80. The number that you book for will be the number of people you are billed for, as baskets will be prepared prior to your arrival.  Four people is the maximum group size that we can accommodate for this experience.

With this experience you order your beverages at the Tasting Bar, where you will receive your picnic basket, which you can then bring down to the vineyard.  We kindly ask that when you are finished with the picnic you bring the basket and all glassware black up to the Tasting Bar.

For any questions regarding our picnics please email shelby@coffinridge.ca

If you, or anyone in your group are experiencing flu-like symptoms, we kindly ask that you visit us another time.

Reservations may be affected by inclement weather.  If you are concerned about the weather affecting your picnic feel free to call the winery the morning of your reservation.